The Smartphone Medic outlines how ski resorts can use technology & big data to save lives & manage risk on the slopes.

This simple and easy-to-read book looks at why ski patrols and risk managers around the world should be embracing the most prolific technology in our history – Smartphones.

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The Smartphone Medic

Are you the Risk Manager or Patrol Director of a ski resort?

Are you confronted with how to lead the competition; provide a safe environment, manage risk and improve your customer’s experience?
The Smartphone Medic gives you a strategy by which you can improve aspects of your operation, cultivate a strong ethic around safety and risk management, minimise costs of insurance premiums, and harness the power of technology, thus reducing the impact of accidents and incidents on the ski field.
Through a variety of case studies, facts, ideas and practical solutions, you will learn how to lead the competition, and improve your customers’ experiences.
You will also be introduced to Medic52, a smartphone application designed for easy use in challenging conditions. By improving data capture, risk management and patient handling. this app will revolutionise accident management, giving the opportunity for snow safety professionals to make our sport safer.

In this Book You Will See Why...

Customer’s are needlessly waiting

Your customers who become patients can help you get to them faster, improving their chances of better recovery.

Patroller’s can be more effective

Your ski patrollers are missing an opportunity to collect data from the incident scene, and this is a massive opportunity lost.

Resort’s are missing opportunities

Traditionally resorts cover their activity with a waiver, signage, and insurance. Safety is almost never used as marketing.

And How To...

Get critical help faster

By using ubiquitous smartphone technology your patients can tell you were they are in your resort, cutting down the time to get help. Early care means better outcomes.

Collect accurate data

Your ski patrollers collect critical patient information at the scene and pass it via the cloud to your dispatch, doctors or paramedics. Better data provides more opportunity.

Grow customer retention

Use the data to understand who is most at risk, and why it is happening. Check out and tweak on hill prevention, and measure success. Keep and build your fans using safety

What others are saying about 'The Smartphone Medic'

Duncan Isaksen-Loxton’s The Smartphone Medic is a timely and thoughtful call to action for the ski resort industry to harness the power of technology to increase the safety of snow sports. Smartphone technology has the power to improve resort safety, process management and customer relationships for the ski resort industry. As the former president of the world ski patroller community, I applaud The Smartphone Medic’s mission to be a digital helping hand on the snowfields benefiting resorts, patrollers and customers.

Bruce Lochhead, Federation Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski, President 2003-2014

Technology presents an opportunity for ski resorts and their patrol partners to deliver a superior resort experience and improved patient care. The Smartphone Medic presents achievable and relevant suggestions for forward-looking operators seeking a competitive advantage.

Colin Saravanamuttoo, President & CEO, Canadian Ski Patrol

It never ceases to amaze me how technology is being interwoven into traditional business/sports/lifestyles etc. Duncan has certainly reinforced this with his book “The Smartphone Medic”. Clearly he know his stuff, and this is a well thought out book, written with a very specific audience in mind. Very impressive Duncan.

Andrew Griffiths, Australia’s #1 Small Business Author

What's in the book?

  • Chapter 1

    Overview of the Snow Sports Industry

    Learn about the size and volume of the market, including a bit about the key players, how many people go skiing and what that means to the economy. We also look at the current key challenges the industry faces.

  • Chapter 2

    Costs of Accidents to the Industry

    What does an injury cost the customer? What impact does that have on the resort if they are unable to return to the snow? We cover ways a resort can be insured, look at reputation and use of resources.

  • Chapter 3

    Risk Management

    Understanding of risk management, and how it can be applied in a ski resort. We look at what a ski patroller has to do, and understand from the resort perspective as they do their daily rounds of the resort.

  • Chapter 4


    This chapter looks at the collection, and management of data in a resort. Specifically we understand why incident data can be so useful to a resort, and look at cases studies such as Red Bull, and Surf Life Saving Australia whom have great success with data.

  • Chapter 5


    The phone is not the only way to get a distress signal out, so we look at alternatives to flares, shouting and phone calls. We also look at how a patient could benefit from using their own device.

  • Chapter 6

    Transition Management & Training

    Going to a new system, especially one where lives depend on it, needs to be well thought out and planned. We go through learning styles and plan how you can make a smooth transition.

  • Chapter 7

    Introducing Medic52

    Let’s introduce you to Medic52, the app that makes ski resorts safer, by helping the patient, patroller and resort connect in a seamless manner.

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About the Author

Duncan Isaksen-Loxton is on a mission to help everyone around the world to enjoy snow sports as much as he does. His passion is to help ski patrollers do a better job through technology, make resorts safer and provide a wider benefit to the snow going public.

A qualified and active Australian National Ski Patroller, and member of the International Society for Skiing Safety, Duncan has been working in ski area safety for 10 years. Prior to which, he spent five years working in Europe and North America as a PSIA ski and snowboard instructor. He also spent 10 summers as a volunteer lifesaver on Manly beach, one of Australia’s premier beaches, as an experienced inshore rescue boat driver, instructor, and patrol captain.

Duncan is a small business owner, having built two successful mobile and web development companies in Sydney. In this professional capacity he has developed skills in understanding the problems of many industries. In close collaboration with his clients, he has created systems and solutions to solve them.

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